• Ideation: Unleashing your creative business potential
  • Brand Names: Based on your business vision we provide up to 15 unique brand name with insights
  • Logo design: Help you create a logo with a science behind it and 3 unique logo designs
  • Slogans: For each brand name we are happy to provide up to 10 slogans at one go
  • Colours & Themes: The science of colour that transforms into an art will be explained and will be in sync with your logo and brand
  • Content Writing: We can provide content-writing services and up to first 1500 words free*
  • Market Research: We guide you on how to conduct research that is effective and feasible and we will design some of it for free*
  • IMC plan: We explain the basic working and pitfalls of marketing communication and advertising which is important to grow your business
  • Basic website design: The basics of web-design and digital marketing are explained along with budgeting tips and we offer discounts for setup or maintenance of the same
  • Overall business start-up Do’s & Don’ts.

Other end-to-end consulting services are outsourced to our partners depending upon your business needs and scope-of-work. We offer the most competitive rates for an hour-based counselling session that are easy on the pocket and can be easily invested or spent by students, entrepreneurs, and managers – which will help them outline their business idea and convert it into a feasible plan.
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*(Terms & Conditions apply)