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A joint initiative by Actionesque Consulting, GSTGurukul & Baskaran and Associates which aims to enhance online education of popular topics into more short, practical, and hands-on discussions – to make participants knowledgeable as well as confident in implementation and industry ready.

Exordium Edu hub DOES NOT offer degrees or diplomas or any kind of placement. However, courses with a certificate are provided by our in-house experts on successful completion of any subject. The courses are designed keeping time and content in mind so that participants can plan their schedules with convenience in today’s busy and unpredictable world. 

Prof. Quresh Moochhala with more than 12 years of international and Indian experience within consulting and academics bring his expertise of Branding, Market Research, and IMC (Integrated Marketing Communication) for guiding – freelancers, entrepreneurs, small-medium businesses, mid-level employees and college students. His content, ideas and style of working has positively impacted thousands of lives as he has consulted more than 50 businesses and has lectured to more than 3000 students in the last 10 years alone.

Our list of curated courses covering Management, Branding, Tax and Law can be found in the pdf

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Kindly contact us on  +91-8788024608 or email us on exordium.eduhub@gmail.com for any information related to Exordium. Registration is open till seats last. 

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