Financial Modeling


The financial modelling workshop helps business leaders to learn about telling the story of their business with maths. The goal of the workshop is to learn how to build a financial model and learn important financial concepts which help business leaders to financially scale up their business models. The session helps participants to learn about important financial drivers of business and understanding equations underlying their business.

Upon completion of the workshop, the participants will:

  • Learn how to cut through financial information overload and focus on key financial drivers like accounts receivables & payable days, the cost of goods percentage etc.
  • Know and study in-depth questions pertaining to your business model which impact your financial model
  • Learn to create strong financial assumptions and estimates to build a strong business model.
  • Understanding of assumptions that have a most important impact on financial performance of a business. Eg. Will a small change in price have a big impact on profits?
  • Reading between the numbers with the help of financial ratios and metrics comparisons like LTV, CPA, etc.

Ideal for:

  • New business developers
  • Existing entrepreneurs
  • Business leaders and professionals with non-financial background
  • Business planning & strategy executives
  • Students

Duration: 6 hours