Marketing Atelier


Organizations need to capitalize on the changing dynamics of their business environment and learn to develop their market positioning and grow the business profitably. Organizational competitive advantage and optimal customer satisfaction are achieved through an understanding of market conditions and exploration of strategic alternatives. The workshop reviews various marketing elements by considering strategic options and tactics for implementation with a goal to build long-term revenues, profitability, and business success.

Upon completion of the workshop, the participants will

  • Learn to conduct strategic planning & build effective marketing plans
  • Translate marketing goals into actionable tactics
  • Optimize market share through application of marketing knowledge and skills
  • Gain sustainable competitive advantage through a customer-centric strategy
  • Identify & structure marketing channels based on customer expectations
  • Build a value based approach & build strong customer relationships

Ideal for:

  • Build a value based approach & build strong customer relationships
  • Website, Social media community owners
  • Small business owners
  • New business developers & existing entrepreneurs
  • Young professionals and job seekers
  • Students

Duration: 7 hours